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The library during university holidays is…

6 Aug

…quiet, peaceful, productive

…a place to Get. It. Done.

…full of people actually working rather than sitting on Facebook all day

…a place to be inspired and reminded of our goals and ambitions

This time last year, I was in the library every day, diligently writing, writing, writing my Masters dissertation. There was a very tangible goal in sight that carried the focus through every 12 hour day: sharing the goal with other students kept us all motivated, determined and desperate to make it through the final couple of thousand words. 

While there were also many exhausted moments of frustration that summer, walking through the same doors today was a journey back into my most energised and motivated period of study ever – and that energy was back with me today. Perfectly timed. I felt excited to walk along the corridors of books knowing I’d made the right decision back then to accept a place and keep studying, even when others thought I must have been losing my mind. After 15 years out of academia, the thought of leaving behind the chance to keep learning, exploring and engaging was one I wasn’t ready to consider, and today it really, really dawned on me: I get to do it all again.

As PhD students, most of us know we are lucky, privileged and fortunate to be able to immerse ourselves in a project we (hopefully) feel passionate about. A little walk in the quiet of the vacation time library was a perfect reminder of the joys of studying.

Hopefully, I’ll be writing the same kind of positive note to myself next summer…