About Helen

I’ve been told by many people of the benefits of blogging during trying to complete a PhD. This blog is definitely a place for me to ramble and reflect. Maybe it will become something more but at the moment it’s a series of posts that allow me to follow my phd progress… hopefully there will be some progress to talk of!

About me? I’m rapidly getting further from my mid-30s and have embarked on a PhD to see what else could be out there for me. Having done very well in my teaching career, it’s daunting moving on to something else, and I wrestle with the idea that I’m leaving that (huge) part of my life behind… having the support of an amazing partner makes it much easier to let go of the good parts of that past, and his endless confidence in my ability makes me more sure I’ll come through with some kind of plan for a future.

My interests (like most PhD students) are broad and varied. In particular, the literature I gravitate towards is includes different forms of learning, political learning and political education, civil society activism and social movements, women’s rights (I’m undecided on the term ‘feminism’ and whether this label is right for me…), and all of the above in relation to developing contexts, particularly the Middle East and Africa. I was fortunate to spend nearly 5 years travelling and adventure travel tour leading so my eyes were opened to the complex dynamics of globalisation, including the winners and losers. I’ll probably end up reflecting on the various binaries I see in the world, and I’ll definitely change my mind along the way.


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