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The balance from running

26 Jul

Done a lot of running here

I’ve been silent on my blog for a while… I started posts, then stopped them… wrote a LOT (about 23,000 words) in April / May of academic stuff then just stopped. And ran. And ran some more…. it was beautiful!

For a couple of weeks, every time I put on my trainers after 8.30am (I am normally an up-and-out-the-door-by-7am runner) I felt a teensy bit of guilt nag at me: for being free to do this during the day when I should have been ‘at work’; for having what feels like ‘me’ time ALL the time (the PhD is surely a form of me time?); for enjoying life so much. Then I decided I should slap myself around the head and remember I left my (well paid) job because I had no life beyond that, and what I did have made me more stressed. I worked 70+ hours every week meaning that running, yoga, reading for pleasure, my own political activism, friends, had all slipped down in the pecking order. So this picture is here to remind me of one important part of what got me here and why I have to enjoy it: work life balance.